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Attract and Reward Beauty & Cosmetics Customers

Activate loyalty and referral programs to break through to customers, elevate brand experience and create brand ambassadors



Talkable was able to bring our vision to life when it came to creating a loyalty program unlike anything which exists today in the aesthetic industry.”

Emily Sehbe, Head of Experience and Engagement
Emily Sehbe, Head of Experience and Engagement

Increased competition in the beauty industry, and decreased consumer loyalty makes the visually-driven beauty & cosmetic industries uniquely positioned to leverage referrals and recommendations.

simplify referral program process for beauty

Simplify the Referral Process

  • Deliver an incentivized referral program for beauty and cosmetics customers that is simple and seamless.
  • Integrate relevant, dynamic visuals to showcase product aesthetics.
social communities referral program

Tap Into Social Communities

  • Social media plays a pivotal role in a beauty brand’s success. Allow your customers to share incentives and discounts to encourage their community to experience your products.
  • Provide shareable links before and after checkout to connect your influencers, your product, and future customers.
brand ambassador loyalty program

Brand Ambassador Loyalty

  • Show your appreciation for your biggest customers by urging them to enroll in your beauty brand’s loyalty program.
  • Use loyalty programs to generate engagement with onsite product tools like Virtual Reality mirrors or color matching technology.
  • Pull in results from customer product quizzes for a hyper personalized loyalty program experience.
referral program and loyalty program seamless integration

Referral + Loyalty Seamless Integration

  • Pair loyalty with referrals to incentivize your customers to make repeat purchases and share their love of your beauty products with others.
  • Referred customers are 24% more likely to join your loyalty program and your loyalty members are 4x more likely to refer

Build Your Beauty Brand’s Loyalty & Referral Program with One of Our Strategists

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Our referral marketing experts will act as an extension of your team and create, test, and optimize each campaign to ensure high-performance.